Episode #01

Starting Challenging Conversations


It’s important to have conversations regarding race, gender, minorities, etc. Unless we as a society choose to acknowledge these uncomfortable but prominent issues, they will never just resolve on their own. It’s easy to blow these things off or to feel powerless, but at the core, all of these issues start with people deciding to make a difference. 


Show Notes

Today, Sara and Misasha introduce Dear White People by starting conversations that challenge our thoughts, brings purpose, and leaves you with meaningful ideas to reflect on. To gain a deeper understanding of the influence of your role in society and work towards unifying equality join Sara and Misasha in this episode of Dear White Women. 

Show Highlights: 

  • What makes white women the largest beneficiaries to date 

  • Growing up bi-racial in America 

  • The fear of having a mixed-raced family in America 

  • How different countries approach racism 

  • The fear of being a parent to children of minority 

  • Acknowledging white supremacy and shifting societal influence 

  • Black feminism 

  • Taking advantage of opportunities to learn and become more aware of societal issues 


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