Episode #14

When Does Character Matter?

Case Studies of Tiger Woods and LeBron James


Have you ever thought about why character matters? And have you ever wondered what it is that makes people influential and powerful? Today we're talking about Tiger Woods and LeBron James, two very influential people who have been in the news a lot, and they were recently named by Time Magazine as two of the 100 most influential people of the year. 

The bigger question to ask is really why everyone seems to be okay with Tiger Woods now that he's won the Master's again, even though he treats women poorly and he repeatedly cheated on his wife? And why do people think Tiger is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) but not LeBron? Tune into this episode of Dear White Women to hear Sara and Misasha's conversation about why this might be. 

"Being multi-racial and getting to the top of your sport is amazing in the United States."

Show Highlights: 

  • Tiger Woods was a serial cheater who admitted to having numerous affairs while married to his wife, Elin Nordegren. There were reports of more than 120 women!

  • Time Magazine makes it clear that although it's often seen as an honor to appear on their list, entrants are recognized for "changing the world regardless of the consequences of their actions.

  • There's a huge difference in the ways that Tiger and LeBron are approaching social justice.

  • There was a lot of non-comment from Tiger Woods on the specific issues that he was being asked about in the media.

  • Staying silent about issues of social justice actually speaks volumes.

  • LeBron has been a very open critic about issues of social justice. He has used his voice on social media to raise consciousness about these issues.

  • LeBron James has referenced Muhammed Ali, Jim Brown, Bill Russell, and Jackie Robinson as athletes who previously spoke up for equality and change with no concerns about the consequences.

  • LeBron's popularity has fallen as a result of him standing up for what he believes in.

  • LeBron has built a public school in Cleveland, called I Promise. It is operated by the school district and it reaches a wide range of diverse students.

  • Through the school, LeBron is leaving behind a powerful legacy which goes beyond his own skill on the court.

  • The difference in the superstars' characters shows up in the way that they engage with their audience on social media.


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